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French Travel Tips
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Paris Métro

The sites of Paris are best experienced by walking.  But often you will want to begin your walk some distance from your hotel. Or perhaps the end of the day will find you far removed from the restaurant where you are having dinner.  The solution is simply to jump on the nearest Métro.

In Paris you are never farther than 500 metres from an underground or subway station.  The Métro (or Métropolitan) dates from 1900, but it has been thoroughly updated.  Today it encompasses 14 lines, 380 stations and more than 131 miles of track.  

Riding the Paris Métro is easy. Just buy your ticket and hop on. Smooth new trains on rubber tires are fast and frequent, running steadily from 5:30 am to 1 a.m.  They are clean, with smoking banned throughout.   Escalators and moving sidewalks, automatic ticket barriers and electronic route maps have been installed at most stations.  Others have been redecorated: the stop for the Louvre is almost an art gallery in its own right.

The Métro is the most efficient and fastest means of transportation in the traffic clogged Paris of today.  Unlike the lunatic-designed subway system of New York, which often baffles the natives, even more so foreign visitors, the Métro was laid out so that people might actually use it with some assurance as to where they were going.

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