Paris Restaurants

France is undoubtly the gastonomical capital of the world, and Paris offers the visitor every imaginable type of dining experience.  The French know how to eat and there is nothing they would rather do.  Listen to the conversation of the diners around you at a French restaurant and you are likely to hear them discussing last night's dinner and planning tomorrow's, after they have decided on their choice for the meal at hand.

The number of restaurants in Paris is mind bogling.  Walk down any Paris street, and you will see a wide selection of restauants.  Indeed, some streets like the Rue Huchette and the maze of surrounding streets seem to be filled with nothing but restaurants.

It is easy to get an exquisite meal in a three star Michelin restaurant (there are 13 of them in Paris).  But you don't have to pay several hundred dollars per person to get a great meal in Paris.  

To the left, we have listed a few of our favorite Paris restaurants and provided some practical tips as well on Paris dining.  The restaurants range from elegant dining experiences to simple street food.  Click on the links to learn more.

We have also included some tips for coping with French menus, which can be intimidating at first.  However, once you understand them your dining experience will be much more enjoyable.

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